About me

I’m on a mission to apply, develop and promote
learning experience design (LXD) around the globe.
I believe well-designed learning experiences
can improve people’s lives and contribute to a wise world.


As the founder of LXD.org and creator of the LX Canvas I've been pioneering the field of LXD since 2007.


My talks on LXD have inspired participants from events across all continents.

Trainer & Teacher

As a trainer I've served people from around the world and I've taught at several Dutch universities


I've designed impactful learning experiences for a wide variety of international clients.


I'm the owner of Shapers, a learning experience design and training agency based in the Netherlands.


With my team I organize the conference LXDCON and I'm a driving force in the global LXD community.


I love my job as I get to meet and work with all sorts of people from around the world
and provide them with powerful learning experiences through talks, training, designs and events.
Here are a couple of things I really enjoy doing:

Speaker: EdCrunch, Kazakhstan

I delivered a keynote on the power of experience in Almaty, Kazakhstan for the EdCrunch 2021 Conference.

Trainer: LXD Course

Our four week online LXD course is a great entry into the world of designing memorable learning experiences.

Organizer: LXDCON

In 2016 I initiated the first LXD conference in the world and LXDCON continues to be the premier LXD event.

Designer: EIB

Me and my team transformed e-learning into an engaging virtual learning experience for the European Investment Bank.

Speaker: KnowHow, Norway

My keynote at the hybrid KnowHow conference in Stavanger, Norway focussed emotions in learning and LXD.

Trainer: LXD Masterclass

I've conducted the LXD masterclass in the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, UK, USA, Brazil, Singapore and Indonesia.


If you're curious about my work follow these links.


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